Affordable Frames: Amazon Edition

Affordable Frames: Amazon Edition

Looking for some framing options for your art but don’t want to spend an exuberant amount of money?

Here is a no fluff review of 5 different frames I purchased from Amazon. I captured the pictures in natural lighting and there are no filters. 

1) 8x10in Vintage Frame ($25.99 on Amazon)

Pros: Feels heavy duty and has that unique, vintage charm. Came packed in bubble wrap and inside styrofoam.
Cons: It’s made out of resin (I personally don’t care)

 2) Teak Brown- Set of 3 ($16.99 on Amazon) 

Pros: Feels very high quality and has a smooth-to-the-touch finish. Can fit 3 sizes of photos- 8x10, 5x7, 4x6. Very affordable. Came in secure packaging.
Cons: None that I could think of. I was impressed with the quality of these, especially for the price! 

 3. Gold- Set of 6 ($30.99 on Amazon) 

Pros: The color doesn’t look like a weird, plastic, cheap-looking gold but feels somewhat sophisticated. They were packaged well on arrival. 
Cons: They’re made out of plastic and feel very lightweight. They are also more shiny than I like. 


 4. 8x10 Dark Bronze Frame ($20.84 on Amazon)

Pros: Feels heavy duty and comes in a variety of colors. Had a very high-quality felt back and easy photo insertion. Has real glass. Was packaged well. 
Cons: None- this is a great frame. (One of my favorites) 

 5). Solid Wood Frames- Set of 4  ($26.99 on Amazon)

Pros: They are made from Pine and have a pretty wood pattern along the frame. Comes with real glass. Was well packaged on arrival. 
Cons: One of the frames wasn’t sanded down the best and had a textured feel that you might get a splinter from if you ran your finger down the frame- the other three frames were fine. 

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