Frequently asked questions

Do you offer larger/different sizes?

I do not currently offer larger/different sizes in physical posters due to the shipping of the prints. Larger sizes requiring rolling up of posters and are pricey to ship. If interested in a larger size, I offer digital downloads for $10 a print that can be printed up to 20 x 30 with high resolution. Please email me if interested in a digital download at 

What do the prints look like?

The National Park posters are printed on a glossy cardstock but have a low glare finish. They are comparable to the thickness of a printed photograph minus the shininess. The vibrancy of the colors and the overall quality of the posters are much better with the glossy cardstock than printing on a matte cardstock.The Botanical posters are printed on a cream paper and have a slight sheen in the light. The Modern posters are printed on a 100lb natural color cardstock and have matte finish.

Do you create the designs yourself?

I create the National Park posters on Procreate and it takes me hours and hours to design & perfect the posters. I do not have a formal art design schooling or background and am not a professional by any means. Creating designs was a fun pastime hobby for me that turned into a small business. 

Do you drop ship the prints?

No. I use a trusted print shop in my local town for all of my posters. I personally hand pack each set because I want to ensure the quality of each and every poster as well as making sure that they are properly packaged for shipping so they can arrive damage free.

How do you ensure a damage-free delivery?

The posters are shipped in between two stiff cardboard sheets and are placed in a rigid mailer. I have shipped hundreds of posters with minimal problems. However, the postal delivery service is run by people who make human mistakes. If your posters happen to arrive damaged, I will ship you another set for free.

Are you taking commissions?

I am not taking commissions at this time. However, I do have a running list of requests of which parks you would like to have designed next, I will gladly put your park on the queue!